Answer Engineering Inc.

Engineering Intern

May - August 2019 • Englewood, CO

What I liked

Answer Engineering highly valued making sure I got what I wanted out of the internship. They checked in with me frequently to ensure I enjoyed my work and had the resources necessary to succeed. It was unique to have such focused attention on helping me learn and grow as an intern. Additionally, my supervisors constantly readjusted my schedule to ensure I had meaningful tasks to complete without overwhelming me. I also enjoyed the open culture at the office. Several of the employees, not just my supervisors, were happy to sit down with me to walk me through a question.

What I wish was different

It would have been helpful to have more training documents or resources I could use to teach myself the programs they used. Specifically, learning FEMAP with no prior knowledge was very difficult because there is not a lot of documentation online. Plus, many of the methods and application cases seemed to be tribal knowledge among the employees. Although many were happy to explain their approaches, some background and initial documentation would have been helpful ahead of time so I could be more proactive with my learning.


Many of the problems I saw other employees solving required a lot of technical savvy that was well beyond my capabilities, and it was intimidating. But, it was important to keep in mind that the ability to continue to learn, approach problems with a positive attitude and ask for help when necessary was a valuable skill when faced with questions I didn't know how to answer.
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