Apollo Hemp

Graphic Design Intern

April 2020 • Conway, SC

What I liked

I did not have a great experience working with this company. It was very unorganized and they did not have a clear vision. The people were very friendly and nice. They were excited to work with me, so I thought. I had talked to them and they said they might not need a graphic designer anymore. Which was very confusing, since that's the position I applied for. They seemed to like my ideas, but all a sudden nobody answered me and I just got ignored. In other words, I got ghosted. So I was not with them for very long, hardly at all. If they were looking for something different, they should have been professional and reached out to me about it. Instead I got completely ignored. Overall, I would really not recommend being apart of this company. It is very young company, disorganized, and EXTREMELY unprofessional. I think they have potential, but they have A LOT to work on.

What I wish was different

I wish they had been more professional


It's worth giving the opportunity a shot, however I would be extremely cautious while doing so. Be careful before committing and make sure their exceptions match your abilities because they were very unclear about what they expected from me.
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