Apparent Inc.

Software Intern

July - September 2019 • Novato, CA

What I liked

I really liked the projects that actually had an impact on the technology and products Apparent develops. All of the projects I and other interns have worked on are still being utilized by the software and hardware engineering teams to help to change the way the world manages and uses energy and to utilize green energy more efficiently.

What I wish was different

One thing I wished had been different is that I would have like if I was interning with a bigger group of interns at the same time so we could be learning together. I was one of two software interns in the summer of 2019. In the end this was likely more beneficial to me though as I got a lot of mentorship throughout the internship from my team, way more than I likely would have gotten if there were a few more interns.


One piece of advice I have from this experience is to be willing to learn on the job and willing to work in a team who gives good feedback on your code. College classes can never fully teach you how software development will be in the workplace so being open to learning (whether it be a new programming language, frameworks, or how to do a code review) will be very beneficial in helping you get the most out of the internship. Also be willing to hear what others have to say about your code during a code review and be able to take that advice and apply it to make your code better.
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