Summer Analyst

June - August 2018 • Philadelphia, PA

What I liked

* Informal management hierarchy - I got to talk to and get to know everyone in the firm, from the Analysts to the Founder and MD. * Flexible work life balance - Most people leave the office before 6PM. Company often does running club or movie nights after work as well. * Variety of work - Worked on everything from Marketing consulting to Operations implementation. All the work has a direct and visible impact on the company. * Smart and Friendly People - Everyone looks out for each other and is approachable. No sense of internal competition (besides board games).

What I wish was different

* Scale - I primarily worked with a small venture of theirs, with roughly 7 employees. The problems the company was facing weren't large enough to be quantitatively interesting, and much time was spent keeping the young company afloat, rather than strategizing and innovating. * Training/Mentorship - I wanted to gain consulting and VC experience from the analysts and managers at the company, but I was staffed primarily at one of their ventures. The experiences of my manager, who specialized in Healthcare and Operations, didn't align with the experiences those I was hoping to gain.


Be ready to do any task. Don't let any task be "below you". All startups require dirty work, so if you can be effective and happy to do that, then you will thrive.
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