Arista Counseling

Psychiatrist Intern

May - July 2018 • Paramus, NJ

What I liked

I liked that I was able to learn a lot about the insurance field. Much of what I knew was very limited and what I learned a lot about how companies run and how they have turned the healthcare industry into a business.

What I wish was different

I wish that there was more clinical experience and patient communication. I felt that much of my job was being a receptionist and intake counselor. Though I did learn a lot about the insurance industry, I felt that I wasn't getting as much exposure to clinical experience than what was advertised. I felt that much of the work that I was doing was what a paid worker should have been doing and that there was a lack of learning experience.


Ask questions and don't be afraid to look through patient files and diagnosis. This will give you a better understanding of patients and how they are diagnosed and how they can be treated. Since there is little interaction with the patient, this is the best clinical work you'll actually get.
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