Artisan Technology Group

About Artisan Technology Group

Artisan Technology Group is one of the fastest growing companies in the market that offers recycled certified-used and pre-owned optical, scientific, and electronic test and measurement equipment at highly competitive prices to our customers worldwide.

We offer our customers an environmentally-friendly choice for purchasing equipment that is recycled for re-use in the engineering, scientific, and other high-tech industries. By recycling equipment, we not only help our environment, but our customers can save up to 80% on the cost of equipment and put those resources to better use!

Our full-service repair center, centrally located in Champaign, IL, houses our experienced engineers and technicians who provide services for equipment from over 1000 different equipment manufacturers.


Engineering Technician

May 2021 Champaign, IL
“The internship opportunity dealt with testing variety of devices with countless industrial equipment. Many of the devices being tested are specific to a certain industry and is very interesting experience. I enjoy every bit of the work and the variety of knowledge I gained from other techs helped me understand the applications of the concepts that were being taught in the university.”

Electrical Engineering Technician

October 2017 Urbana, IL
“This job offers a lot of learning experience. You are allowed to work on your own and in your own way to the extent that you want. You can develop your own systems and procedures so long as the end result is a good product. You get to work with a variety of test and measurement systems and experience many different fields of elctrical engineering.”
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