What will it take to do well at Arup as an intern?

Mechanical positions at Arup take one of two basic trajectories (with some degree of overlap between the two): HVAC and CFD. HVAC-related roles can be filled by students pursuing mechanical engineering degrees or architectural engineering degrees (with architectural engineering students probably ...
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How likely is it that I can get a return offer as an intern at Arup?

I was able to turn my internship into a full-time position. My advice here is to be upfront with your assigned supervisor about the fact that you are interested in such a position (I think generally this is assumed to be the case); to be social and have a good attitude about your work; to show a ...
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What can I expect regarding work-life balance at Arup?

Work-life balance at Arup in general is exceptional - benefits (including paid time off) are great. Interns will find that it is incredibly rare to have to work overtime and that if they are ever asked to, they are compensated for it. They will also find that the office is incredibly social with ...
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What's one tip you have to make the most out of my summer internship at Arup?

Communication. Being open with your supervisor is beneficial for many reasons, mainly because communication opens up new doors to new projects and opportunities. There is so much to learn with Arup.
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