Ascent Microfinance

About Ascent Microfinance

Ascent is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that strives to strengthen businesses and empower individuals in the Columbus community to make better financial decisions. We provide personalized financial education and lending services. Our entirely student-run team brings raw energy and passion to craft organic relationships with individuals that are excluded from the assistance of traditional financial institutions.


Chief Portfolio Officer

October 2018 Columbus, OH
“I like the collaborative environment at Ascent, allowing the team to grow and mutually learn from each other. In working with the Lending Team to create a new offering, it was very fulfilling for our team to see a project through from start to finish! Along the way, we encountered various challenges but it only drove us to adapt in order to continue helping our clients.”

Chief Executive Officer

August 2018 Columbus, OH
“Ascent has been the best part of my college experience. I loved working alongside driven, entrepreneurial thinkers, tackling challenges through unique solutions and serving the greater Columbus community. The organization provided the best place for me to grow, creatively and professionally. I look forward to seeing Ascent in the future. ”
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