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About Ashley & Vance Engineering, Inc.

Ashley & Vance Engineering, Inc. is a community of talented Civil and Structural Engineers committed to offering our clients creative, collaborative, and cost-conscious engineering solutions.
We focus on building; our specialty is designing great sites and structures. Equally important to us is to build relationships. We are members of the communities we serve and our clients are our neighbors. Developing great rapport with the architects, contractors, owners and agency representatives, as well as within our own group, is at the core of our approach to design. You will instantly notice the difference between working with us and other firms, finding our team to be down to earth, enthusiastic and passionate. Our offices provide an environment that is supportive and creative , and fosters ingenuity. We thrive on coming together as a team, solving the challenges offered by your projects, and having a great time forging relationships along the way.
We invite you to explore our website, check out our office locations in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon, get to know our people, and learn more about what we have to offer!


Project Engineer

April 2017 San Luis Obispo, CA
“This work experience has taught me more about how to succeed in an work environment than any class ever could.”
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