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About ASHTA Chemicals

ASHTA Chemicals is a leading manufacturer and marketer of Potassium Hydroxide, Chlorine, Liquid Potassium Carbonate (LPC), Chloropicrin (ASHTA Gold™), and Hydrochloric Acid

ASHTA manufactured products are all around you, making your life safer, cleaner, brighter, and easier.

The liquid form of our potassium hydroxide can be found in soaps, at municipal water treatment facilities, in deicers used at our airports, in alkaline batteries and in fertilizers, to name a few.

When dried into flake or compressed into briquettes, our potassium hydroxide finds uses in the bio-diesel industry, in the formulation of industrial and institutional cleaners and in the oil and gas industry as purifying agents.

Converted into either liquid or anhydrous potassium carbonates, our product finds its way into photo chemicals, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, oil and gas drilling fluids, dairy feed supplements, specialty glass, detergents, food and pharmaceuticals.

During the manufacture of our liquid potassium hydroxide we also produce chlorine as a by-product. Chlorine has a wide array of end uses including use in the manufacture of PVC, cleaning/bleaching agents, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, odor warning agents and titanium refining for paints and coverings.


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