Association for Wholesaling Diversity

Web Design Advisor

May 2021 • Thornton, CO

What I liked

AWD is a powerful force in the financial wholesaling industry, allowing for black professionals who previously had no representation to thrive and display excellence. The founder is constantly implementing useful tools that have been successfully giving black people a chance in financial services. The best thing about AWD is that all of the resources they provide are easily accessible to any black person interested in becoming a financial wholesaler, no strings attached!

What I wish was different

I wish more people would engage. As a rapidly growing organization, there is only so much the founder and board of directors can do, especially since all of them are active industry professionals with full time day jobs. If more people saw the value of setting aside a little of their time to help the organization, AWD would be leaps and bounds ahead of where it has already made it.


AWD was built and is being built off of networking. Share this organization's name and various resources with everyone you can! Any black person looking to dive into the lucrative industry of financial services has a home with AWD, but that home is only valuable if more people are aware of it. Network, connect your employer's DE&I division to AWD, and see what you can do to help.
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