Association of Idaho Cities

About Association of Idaho Cities

AIC is a nonpartisan, nonprofit member support organization supporting Idaho’s 200 cities and city officials. AIC was founded in 1947 and is owned, organized, and operated by Idaho’s city governments. The association is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership and representing each of Idaho’s seven geographic districts. An elected nine-member Executive Committee provides close oversight of AIC’s activities. An executive director is hired by the Board of Directors to manage the daily operations of the association.


Member Services Assistnat

January 2019 Boise, ID
“The people are so great! It is amazing to see how government works on the city level. Idaho is blessed to have so many mayors and council members who are so focused on doing what is best for their city. Interacting and getting the opportunity to work with people who are influencing change in this state has been such an eye opening experience. Also seeing the job of a city clerk has been a very humbling experience. The amount of information they are expected to know or know how to find is AMAZING! I love clerks and their jump in attitude. They make me want to be a go-getter and learn as much as I can, so maybe someday I can work as efficiently on as many things as they do!”
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