Assured Hospice Care

About Assured Hospice Care

Assured Hospice Care began caring for its first patients in 2006 with the goal of helping people transition from illness and suffering to a more peaceful place. Our owner loved hospice and wanted to give her expertise to a company that would concentrate on the person and not the bottom line. We are committed to providing responsive and professional end of life care that consistently exceeds the expectations of our patients, their families and our referral sources.
Our patients come first and we strive to deliver the highest quality of care with integrity and compassion. Our mission is to assist patients in making a peaceful and dignified end of life transition that is free from fear and uncertainty as possible. Our goal for family members and friends is to have the best memory possible of their loved one’s transition and to provide them with ongoing support on their journey of healing. Hospice means taking care of people with life limiting illnesses by providing compassionate care, comfort and support to both the patient and their families. Hospice is a philosophy of care centered on the patient and their families.
Internship will be at the Assured Hospice Care in-patient facility.



January 2020 - March 2020 Cartersville, GA
“I really enjoyed working at the hospice center with everyone. It is a very small organization, so you get to know everyone and work with everyone really well. I was able to work with the administrative team and the volunteer coordinator to make sure everything was running smoothly and to recruit more volunteers. Overall, it was a really fun and great experience. ”

Hospice Intern

August 2019 Cartersville, GA
“I liked working closely with the nurses and LPNs in the facility and learning about certain healthcare procedures and protocols that I would use in my future career. I also got to meet many helpful people that encouraged me on my future goals and want to help me achieve them.”
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