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Atlantis Service-Research Projects are an opportunity to learn full-time from an Atlantis Project Leader, inside an elite healthcare organization, in a real project with members of management and administration, while performing a highly impactful service – a unique mix.

All Atlantis projects involve data-driven research, developing problem-solving frameworks, and communicating possible answers to high-level questions that the organization is facing. Projects are never focused on questions that leverage subject-matter expertise (i.e., the kind you’d have as an MD or a proven hospital administrator or a Ph.D. in something like Public Health); Service-Research Projects simply leverage smarts and a willingness to contribute to a great team and project, analyzing, researching, and presenting insights to management.

We believe the future of healthcare is global. Our mission is to work with the best organizations, compete for the best students, and make medicine personal. We want every program we run to reflect a deep concern for ethical solidity, educational value, and innovative thinking, in order to equip the next generation of global medical leaders to pursue their callings passionately.

As an organization, we prioritize building programs with long-term educational value for our students, and believe the Atlantis program is an investment in their future. Many of our alumni leverage their Atlantis experiences for college and graduate application essays and interviews, and some of our alumni have gone on to enter the most prestigious medical programs in the United States, such as UCSF School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Our headquarters is located just outside of Washington, D.C., and we have staff working around the globe.



July 2019 - August 2019 Trieste, Province of Trieste
“The food and the town.”

Hospital intern

June 2019 - July 2019 Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia
“I loved getting the chance to shadow in on different surgeries. It was great being able to experience what being a doctor would look like in the future. ”
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How can someone prepare to be interviewed for a pre-med fellowship at Atlantis?

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