Atlas Aerospace

Market Strategist

May - August 2019 • Riga, Riga

What I liked

I loved working in a foreign environment with people of different backgrounds. As a Russian major, it was a perfect spot because Russian was the dominant language spoke in the workplace. For business, it was awesome too because the CEO was from Israel, the HR Director had experience in Germany, the US, and Australia, and my mentor was from Ecuador. The diversity and different ways of doing things was a huge benefit to me, and I think it had more of an impact on me than my actual job!

What I wish was different

I wish I would've been able to accomplish more projects while I was there. Things shook out to where I only really did two large projects, and I helped on a number of other small items.


I would advise anyone else who enters a similar experience to just be ready to volunteer yourself and put yourself out there. Try to forge relationships, and most of all just enjoy the experience while you have it, even though it may be hard or strange at times.
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