Atlas Industries

About Atlas Industries

Atlas Industries is a full service content creation company comprised of recent LA transplants to the Motor City. Our goal is to tell positive stories about the people who have shaped the world we live in today and are building the future we will live in tomorrow. We tell these stories across several audiovisual mediums, while setting a new standard for both passion and quality.

We have the facilities and crew to develop, produce, and finish Hollywood quality content 100% in-house, and can deliver results that are unparalleled in Metro Detroit. From aerial cinematography to Virtual Reality, we pride ourselves on adopting the most cutting edge technology and integrating it into our storytelling language to provide audiences with experiences that are immersive beyond the limits of their imaginations.


Associate Producer

May 2018 Southfield, MI
“Variety of skills learned and used, ability to have creative control, networking opportunities and experiences in normally cordoned off sectors of society”
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