Attack Poverty

About Attack Poverty

We are a global organization that serves locally, adopting pockets of poverty and launching what we call 'Friends Initiatives'. These initiatives are long-term commitments that require mutual relationships and collaborative efforts with local organizations, churches, residents, and stakeholders committed to community transformation.


School Psychology Intern

March 2020 - May 2020 Rosenberg, TX
“This place gave me a renewed sense of self. At Friends of North Rosenberg (FNRO) which is one of the local extensions of Attack Poverty, I got to put myself out there, talk to people, form connections, and know exactly the purpose of why I was doing it. I did tasks that I wasn’t comfortable enough to do before, and I feel very empowered. The more informed I become, the more confident I became in my abilities and have gained so much from this fieldwork experience. ”
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