Aunt Rita's Foundation


March - May 2023 • Phoenix, AZ

What I liked

From my time at the site, I really enjoyed working with the team and the environment. I had the opportunity to gain insight on this potential work field through various backgrounds. From program management, community outreach, public speaking, team management and simple tasks around the office. If not for the team I do not think I would have gotten the most of out of my experience there. Specifically my supervisor Citlaly, who is the Operations Manager, she ensured I was utilizing the various resources that were available. In which I was able to make connections with others in the HIV career field, refresh my resume, and partake in mock interviews. Overall, the team at Aunt Rita's Foundation is a lively one and people I do look forward to potentially work with in the future.

What I wish was different

Nothing really, my time at the site was insightful and provided me the experience I was seeking.


Ensure you have a flexible schedule, the programs and events we attend do require your time.
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