Digital Marketing Intern

June 2023 • Bellmore, NY

What I liked

At Authentic8, I work with the content marketing team to help produce and revise projects regarding social media content, blog writing via the corporate website, and editing the NeedleStack podcast. I like that as an intern my opinion is highly valued to the team and I am given creative freedom to take the blogs in directions that I feel are important to talk about

What I wish was different

Honestly, there’s not much that I wish could have been changed, just opportunities added, such as being given the chance to attend more OSINT related conferences in order to better understand the tech world that my company operates within.


I wish someone would have given me the advice to not be so intimidated by a field that I am unfamiliar with. As an English major, being hired with a cybersecurity company and focusing on more corporate writing felt completely out of my skill base. However, I soon realized how easily I could begin to apply my creative writing skills towards corporate marketing efforts, and I love it!
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