Autism Society of MN

Camp Counselor

June 2019 • Crosslake, MN

What I liked

I like that as learning counselors that we were given freedom to explore the everyday life of people with autism. I was able to connect with so many campers and staff on a personal level. I enjoyed seeing the campers open up, and have fun with the staff and fellow campers. They all learned so much about being away from their parents or caretakers and learned how to practice independence.

What I wish was different

I wish that I could have switched my camper to learn more about other campers and to experience different activities with them.


Advice I would share about my experience is to just go into it with an open heart and mind. It is true that when you meet one person on the autism spectrum, you’ve only meet one person on the spectrum. Each person is different with unique abilities, personalities, and interests. You will leave with a new profound look on yourself and life. Allow yourself to learn from them as well!
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