AutoGrid Systems

About AutoGrid Systems

AutoGrid’s mission is to use the data associated with a smart and connected grid to unlock the cheapest, cleanest source of electric power available. We believe that data and software are the key to enabling a grid where demand side resources can be as responsive, dispatchable, and reliable as traditional generation assets. To that end we’ve assembled expertise in big data processing, machine learning, grid physics, software development, and data science, among other disciplines, and AutoGrid customers include electric utilities around the world. Demand response remains the core of our DNA, but we offer a variety of other software solutions around customer engagement, flexibility management, and grid operations.


Digital Marketing Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Redwood City, CA
“Getting the opportunity to create content for a growing company”

Marketing Intern

June 2018 Redwood City, CA
“I was given a lot of responsibility very early on and was always treated as an equal member of the team. Everyone at the company is incredibly intelligent and members are always willing to sit down and share their wisdom with you.”
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