Supplier Services Intern

June - August 2018 • Charlotte, NC

What I liked

Great work environment. Everyone was friendly and willing to help you learn anything. We could talk to and learn from employees in any of the departments just by holding shadowings or meetings. Avid also heavily invested in their interns. We had weekly educational classes that were not only to teach us more about Avid but also to give us life lessons and hear some stories about people's careers. Overall, this internship was so much fun, and I highly recommend it.

What I wish was different

I wish the interns could've been more exposed to overlap between the departments. After we got broken up into our departments, we didn't really get to work together even though we all got to hang out together a lot outside work. I also wish there had been a bit more structure to the internship. My group had random spurts of productivity in between times where we had nothing to do. I think we would've maximized our productivity if we had a constant stream of work like some of the other interns had. But overall, still an amazing experience.


Since Avid invests so much in their interns, it makes sense to also invest your own time and energy in creating value for Avid. Slacking off and not working doesn't help you learn and doesn't create a collaborative environment with the other interns. Avid's culture is pretty laid back and fun but that doesn't mean they're not also looking for hard work. You have to remember that it's still a work environment, no matter how the culture appears.
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