AVT Simulation

Marketing Assistant

June - August 2017 • Orlando, FL

What I liked

I learned more about the workforce in these 10 weeks than I have in all of my school experience. The AVT team is incredibly welcoming and inclusive. My superiors took an interest in helping me develop myself for the future by bringing me to their executive meetings to listen in, or meet with generals from other countries to get international experience. The work that I did on the marketing side had a direct impact on the company. My work meant something and it gave me a great sense of purpose. I highly recommend working for this company to anyone interested in software or business development.

What I wish was different

Absolutely nothing, they exceeded every expectation that I had for an internship and I am grateful that I was so lucky.


Show up to your interview early, looking sharp. It is always better to be over dressed than under dressed. Continue this throughout your experience and your co-workers will admire your professionalism. Always offer help even if it is out of your job description, and don't be afraid to ask questions!
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