Awards, Trophies & Treasures

Production Assistant

April 2019 • Santa Clarita, CA

What I liked

I enjoy the friendly environment that cultivates many opportunities for learning and expanding my skills. The work is enjoyable, and there is always something new to learn. I thought I would enjoy working at Awards, Trophies & Treasures, but I did not realize how much until I started the job. Responsibilities are always clearly outlined, but I'm also given room to grow and prove myself a competent worker, and that is something I appreciate.

What I wish was different

I wish I had more time to give (I was taking classes at the same time and working another job as well), I also wish that I learned faster so I could be more help earlier on.


I have learned its important to be flexible and adjust when new projects come up and take priority over current projects and both have the same deadline. Don't get stressed out, learn how to handle situations like this is key. What it really comes down to is time management. If you master that, you will go far as you will get more work done efficiently. Be willing to try new things, or you will never learn. Also, understanding what a customer is asking for and what they actually want is very important as they are not always one and the same. This is where good communication is key.
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