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What is the company culture like at AXA Advisors?

AXA Advisors is a very professional and large company. AXA provides tremendous initial training and benefit structure to try to help new advisors succeed. AXA provides numerous educational credit courses, and a wide variety of current market condition updates. Each branch will be different depend...
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What are some good questions to ask a recruiter for AXA Advisors?

The best way to get engaged is to figure out what they do, how they make their money and what the biggest flaws in their plan are. At a career fair that might not be the best idea right away, but show that you know a lot about the company and are interested in what they do.
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Does AXA have a good, structured mentorship program?

Definitely not. At least not that I know of.
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Suggestions on what I can do to increase my chances of getting a return offer at AXA?

Once a student has the assistant position, he/she should work hard, and keep at it. Cold-calling can be hard and one can be faced with rejection on a daily basis however, it is important to power through and assistants will see results. If assistants continue to perform well, there are plenty of ...
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As someone who works/worked as AXA, what is some piece of advice you could give for someone who wants to stand out from his coworkers?

So I had an interesting type of internship at AXA Advisors. I was hired directly by a financial advisor and served has his personal intern. I was doing a lot of cold calling for new business as well as scheduling appointments for existing clients and a lot of back-end administrative work. i.e. no...
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What should I make sure to say in an interview at AXA Advisors for a Digital Advisor role?

The most important quality in a BDA candidate would be that this individual has to be driven (a keyword that the financial service industry appreciates is be “self-starter”). It’s not a position where someone could get by doing the bare minimum. Past job experiences aren’t as important as the ind...
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What does training look like for financial advisors at AXA?

The training program is constant because it’s in an industry that’s also evolving on a regular basis. AXA does a decent job of getting you over the initial hurdle of entering financial services but after that, the training becomes more dependent on the individual. If you go out looking for inform...
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What are some skills I should be sure to mention in an interview for a Wealth Management internship at AXA Advisors?

Talk about your sales skills, wealth management is all about getting clients. If you have any experience on the phone that is perfect. Being able to talk to clients and get them to trust you to manage their money is the most crucial aspect of the job. When you work with younger advisors, the most...
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What's a typical day as a Consultant at AXA like?

A day in the life of a consultant at AXA advisors is a very meticulous job where you slowly develop an understanding for the way the human mind works with others. A day at the office consists of one predominant factor; land the client. Through training, you are given the opportunity to call clien...
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If you've ever interned at AXA's finance team, could you tell me more about what you did on the daily?

For me, a day in the life of an AXA finance intern was checking in every morning with my boss on individual projects that he wanted completed. I would usually then begin cold calling potential clients and or clients that had lost their advisors due to them leaving the firm. I would try to set up ...
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What would you cite as the pros and cons of your internship at AXA?

Being my first finance internship, I learned a lot of the basics of the finance industry. I learned a bit about how to manage money, how to allocate money towards different investment goals, and how liabilities play a role in people's personal investments. I very much enjoyed everything that I le...
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I am about to start working as a social media intern at AXA. Should I expect a lot of training?

This is based on which office you work with and how media heavy your job will be. The daily job functions are extensive and will require effort on your part, but you will get exposure to salesforce and a few other financial programs used by the company.
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What's important to stress in an interview at AXA for a Social Media Internship?

Enthusiasm to learn and willingness to commit long term. Base knowledge of media platforms and their interactions with "hearsay"; a program used by the company to regulate all social media interactions. The ability to be flexible. Attentiveness to detail per client as well as confidentiality and ...
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What does a Financial Advisor Assistant do typically, at AXA Advisors?

A regular day as an Assistant to a Financial Advisor at AXA would be to wake up early in the morning and start cold-calling clientele and informing them about our services we can offer them. The day starts off with quite a bit of rejection and cranky clients, however people are understanding and ...
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What is the typical compensation for a Financial Consultant at AXA Advisors? Do you get paid commission as well?

There are two options for new hires. There is a commission only contract and a salary plus commission package. The salary plus commission package pays $2k per month but your commission is cut in half. The company has minimum sales requirements that can be considered minimum compensation to surviv...
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What were the good and bad of doing an externship at AXA? Do you think this was worth it?

I liked that the AXA Advisors externship consisted of only 3 sessions and each one was very informative and useful. The information given out was helpful towards any job in the industry, not just geared towards being successful at AXA. I felt like the knowledge I learned was applicable almost any...
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What are some tips you might have for someone interviewing with AXA Advisors?

Research the company and be confident! They are very good at seeking out students who have potential. You do not have to know everything that there is to know about the financial services industry. Rather, show that you have researched the company, are passionate about finance, and are willing to...
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Where does a PEP Prospective Advisor fit in at AXA Advisors? What does someone in this position do?

A PEP Prospective Advisor is actually the preliminary training phase to becoming a full-time Financial Advisor at AXA. PEP stands for Pre-Employment Period. The process includes obtaining a Series 7 and Ohio Life & Health License before training full-time with a manager.
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