Sales and Marketing Intern

June - August 2023 • Austin, TX

What I liked

From the moment I started my internship at Axxelus, I was continuously impressed by the company’s proactive approach and commitment to excellence. Under the mentorship of Kristy Parker, the CEO and Founder, I witnessed firsthand the importance of going the "extra mile" for clients. Kristy’s ability to anticipate the needs of prospects and clients and address concerns even before they arise is truly remarkable. This forward-thinking and proactive stance not only sets Axxelus apart but has instilled in me the value of research, ensuring that no assumptions are made and that thorough understanding underpins every decision. This meticulous approach allows Axxelus to stand confidently in its unique offerings and pricing. The opportunity to dive deep into business, sales, and marketing sectors, especially biotech and pharmaceuticals, was invaluable. Additionally, the exposure to a myriad of software tools, from Google Workspace to Hubspot and Basecamp, has significantly broadened my technical skillset.

What I wish was different

While my experience has been overwhelmingly positive, I believe Axxelus could further highlight its robust research-oriented approach in its outward branding. This is not a critique but an acknowledgment of a strength I witnessed during my time here. Sharing this commitment to in-depth research with a broader audience could serve as another distinguishing factor for Axxelus in the marketplace.


Embrace flexibility. In a dynamic environment like Axxelus, where teamwork and collaboration are at the forefront, adaptability is paramount. Being open to change and pivoting when necessary is not just an asset, it’s essential. This flexibility not only ensures the success of projects but also fosters personal growth and development.
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