California Native Garden Foundation

About California Native Garden Foundation

The California Native Garden Foundation (CNGF) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation. We are undergoing a transformation into the Center for Urban Sustainability with at least 25 regenerative organic farms in Santa Clara County to inspire a new model of land use – one that restructures our cities to work in harmony with nature.

The CNGF garden, located at 76 Race Street in San Jose, has been building community for 21 years around regenerative land use practices, food access, and native ecology. The garden itself contains the local California native plant communities of San Jose and hosts many types of wildlife, including birds, pollinators, and insects.

We are skilled at taking an asphalt parking lot, an empty vacant lot or a flat piece of compacted land covered with weeds, and transforming each of them into highly productive native California gardens or thriving urban regenerative farms. Each of our projects is used as teaching laboratories where professional mentors train student interns the skills necessary to transform a city.

The mission of CNGF is to forge an ecological land use model and restore nature in cities. We are changing how land is used so as to protect our air, water, soils and food. We are empowering youth to build resilient cities. We teach and train youth the skills to manage city lands sustainably. We bring community stakeholders together to create cities that address the major needs of our planet and all who are dependent upon it for living healthy lives.


Environmental Education Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 San Jose, CA
“Designing camp curriculum ”
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