Camp Kesem

About Camp Kesem

Camp Kesem supports children through and beyond a parent’s cancer with innovative, fun-filled programs that foster a lasting community. Driven by passionate college student leaders, Camp Kesem operates over 100 free summer camps in 40 states.


Camp Kesem in Utah Valley Director

April 2018 Provo, UT
“Camp Kesem is a free week-long summer camp for children whose parents have cancer and it was awesome to not only relate to them, but work as a team with 15 other college students to help get 230 kids to camp. I was able to use a lot of various skills to help me create and build on my leadership skills, teamwork, business management, communication, PR/marketing and a lot of other various aspects. It helped in a lot of ways to prepare me for future work endeavors. I loved working with others and their various talents, to all come together and work on this common goal. I loved being able to see the growth and development of an individual as well as all of my team as a whole. ”

Camp Kesem LSU Outreach Coordinator

August 2018 Baton Rouge, LA
“I liked that I was able to raise awareness with the community about all the amazing free year-long resources Camp Kesem provides to children who have/had a parent has/had cancer. ”
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