Capital Insurance Group

Digital Marketing Intern

September 2020 • Charleston, WV

What I liked

I liked the environment of the workplace, I work one on one with the company CEO everyday which is very neat. I like being apart of a start up because you can watch what you do help grow the company.

What I wish was different

I don’t necessarily wish that anything had been different but I do hope to start working more and making more money.


When I was offered this job, I was worried that I wasn’t completely qualified for the job, but I jumped at the opportunity and am able to learn and teach myself more about what I’m doing and new ways to come up with ads and content. I like what I do so it makes me more inclined to get better. My advice to anyone searching for jobs or internships is to go for it regardless of your reservations. You never know when the next opportunity will arise and you never know what one opportunity will bring you.
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