Chambers Group, Inc.

Ecological Restoration

October - December 2016 • Santa Ana, CA

What I liked

Fun and active job. Boss and rest of workers were very nice to me.

What I wish was different

Would've not agreed to such a long commute if I had the change, I don't regret it but it was a 3.5 hour drive to and back. I also wish I would've shown up more, but I was also working another part-time job plus going to school full-time and I did not get a chance to do as well as I could've.


It seems relaxing to take the day off and not have to work outside for 9 hours straight, but I still regret thinking about how on an average week I gave up $600 just to take longer nap. Doing only what is convenient to your likings is a way to feel long disappointment.
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