About Chatbooks

About Chatbooks

At Chatbooks, we think photos deserve to be seen, not trapped on your phone— which is why we created our user-friendly photo book app! Users make the memories and we make the photo books. By focusing on four core values—beyond easy, super affordable, great quality, and amazing service—we continue to keep Chatbookers everywhere excited about printing their everyday magic.

Learn more in Chatbooks’ viral “Real Mom” video—100 million views and counting!

About the Team

We have a high-performing ALL-STAR culture and team and are headquartered in Lehi, UT.

The “Big Why” driving the company’s mission is to strengthen families, so Chatbooks co-founders Nate and Vanessa Quigley have deliberately created a company culture that’s supportive of employees’ whole lives. Their goal is that everyone on the team can put this mission into practice in their own lives, whether that’s flexibility to go to a child’s dance recital and hit up the gym during lunch, or time off to recharge and travel the world.

Some recognitions we’ve received this year include: 2022 Top Workplaces USA, 2022 Fortune Best Medium Workplaces, 2022 Best Workplaces for Millennials Award, 2022 Best Workplaces in Technology—just to name a few.

Chatbooks strives to be an employer-of-choice for women and parents by offering flexible working options, welcoming kids in the office, and strongly supporting women in leadership roles. Women currently make up 60% of the company’s leadership positions.

At Chatbooks, we have put incredible focus into building a team of high-performing “All-Stars.” All-Stars have 6 characteristics: Grown-Up (you manage yourself and your time & handle disagreements without drama), Ship (you get things out the door efficiently, and manage shifting priorities), Amazing (your work is simply AMAZING!), Optimistic (you share solutions instead of problems), and Kind (you’re consistently kind to teammates and partners), Hungry (you feel the urgency to make progress and execute relentlessly) . If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk!


Finance Intern

May 2019 - September 2019 Provo, UT
“The people.”

General Marketing Intern

May 2019 - September 2019 Provo, UT
“I loved that the team was intimate, so I was able to get to know everyone on a personal level and dive really deep into real projects and campaigns. I wasn’t just running errands, I launched an entire campaign by myself. ”
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