About Chemetall/BASF

As a leader in surface treatment chemicals, our business means the world to us. When you choose Chemetall's products and services, you give all of our hard work and dedication true validation and worth. No matter what your surface treatment goals, a partnership with Chemetall ensures that your needs will be met with the resources of a world-class company and the personalized attention of a local business.


Physical Testing Laboratory Co-op

January 2020 - August 2020 Jackson, MI
“I really enjoyed the freedom I was able to have and being able to figure out projects on my own.”

Innovations Intern

January 2019 New Providence, NJ
“I liked the environment of the company-it is a very friendly atmosphere. I also learned a lot from the people I worked with and was never looked down upon because I was an intern. My input was always asked and that really helped me build confidence in myself. The work was interesting and I quickly became invested in it. ”
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