Child Crisis Arizona

About Child Crisis Arizona

Mission: To provide Arizona’s children a safe environment, free from abuse and neglect, by creating strong and successful families.
Vision: Safe Kids. Strong Families
Emergency Children’s Shelter
We are the only licensed emergency shelters in Maricopa County for children birth to 10 years old, who have been removed from their homes or whose families are facing hardships.
Foster Care and Adoption
Child Crisis Arizona licenses and certifies foster and adoptive families. We support these families through education and training, child-family matching services and post-placement support.
Prevention and Education
We offer a wide variety of free parenting classes and workshops, support groups and resources.
We also offer specific support groups and additional services for kinship families, or relatives raising a relative child.
Child Crisis Arizona’s Home Visitation Program helps ensure kids are prepared for school before they enter kindergarten through free in-home development screenings and in-home support.
Child Crisis Arizona’s Early Education Services Program offers high quality education to neighborhood children who live within four miles of the Phoenix location.



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