Children's Center -- WSU

Teacher Assistant

September 2016 - April 2018 • Pullman, WA

What I liked

The staff, children, and parents are awesome! The job is enjoyable. Though you are supporting the main teacher(s) and facilitating the room of children, it feels like you are just hanging out with the children. Because many students work there, the work is also flexible to your school schedule and easy to pick up and cover shifts.

What I wish was different


Be open to ask questions! You will learn various skills and ways to learn how to speak and take care of children. Management is very important! Be very clear in your incident reports (example, a child scraping a knee) and also count the children you are in charge of by their names. If you "lose" a child, it is taken very seriously. Talk to the parents! Learn what and how they want their children to grow. What they expect of the center is what they expect of you. If you gain a stronger relationship with them, they may also ask you to babysit their children! This job is great for students with majors: Elementary education and Human Development.
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