Children's Relief International

About Children's Relief International

At CRI, our mission is to share the light of Christ with the poor of our time. We are at work in some of the poorest and neediest places in our world today. We have over twenty-five programs where your talents could be used. Each one combines sharing the Gospel with action. All our work takes place in partnership with international leaders. When you serve with us, you develop relationships with leaders and their people in Africa, South Asia, Jordan, Myanmar, Mexico, and more. Are you willing to give part of your life in pursuit of a great purpose? Contact us, and learn more.

We are an interdenominational mission sending agency. Whether we are stationed here at our office in Texas, or overseas at our project sites, all our staff raise support.


Nutrition Intern

June 2022 - July 2022 Rockwall, TX
“During my summer internship with CRI to was able to grow in my experience with nutrition through research projects and lesson development. Additionally, I was given the opportunity to expand my knowledge on the character of God, his call on our lives, missions, and the reality of poverty in the world. Going into this internship I did not expect to experience so much spiritual growth, but the trainings, readings, and conversations I had allowed for so much meaningful self reflection and change in perspective. Everyone at CRI is so passionate about the work they are doing and I was truly inspired by their devotion and mission.”

Graphic Designer

May 2019 Rockwall, TX
“I love that I get to use my skills in Graphic Design to help people living in deep poverty and raise awareness within my community. I get to travel often to places all over the world and build relationships with people I otherwise never would have known. I work alongside some really wonderful people who have a passion for helping the needy, sick, poor, and oppressed. ”
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