China International Capital Corporation Limited

About China International Capital Corporation Limited

China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) is China’s first joint-venture investment bank and a pioneer of adopting best international practices in China. Our track record of professional services includes a number of precedent-setting transactions, demonstrating our deep participation in China’s economic reform and development. By growing with our clients, we are working at becoming a top financial institution with global influence.

Since CICC's inception in 1995, our commitment has been to provide high quality, value-added financial services for our clients. We have established a full-service business model that offers investment banking, equities, FICC, wealth management services and investment management, all of which are based on our comprehensive research coverage.

Headquartered in Beijing, we have a number of subsidiaries across mainland China, and we are also active overseas with offices in Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, London, San Francisco, and most recently, Frankfurt. Our extensive network and cross-border capabilities have enabled us to provide a full range of financial services for our clients.


Investment Banking Intern

July 2021 - August 2021 Nanjing, Jiangsu
“Knowing the market and operations of investment banking”

Project Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 Guangzhou, Guangdong
“My two months at CICC’s Wealth Management section have been rewarding. I first participated in a series of rigorous training programs, learning about the ins and outs of stock markets, the investment banking industry, the way CICC operates, the various financial services our department offers, etc. I was then assigned to work with the Institutional Wealth Management (IWM) team, where my main responsibility was to identify target clients. Through research, I analyzed which companies/governmental agencies had needs in wealth management or other financial services, and then wrote reports to communicate my findings. In the meantime, I have also handled duties in areas of compliance, due diligence check, and preparation of materials to support the sales team. I also shadowed my head supervisor to sit in 30+ meetings and lectures to further learn about what other teams in the company are working on. Moreover, I enjoyed every lunch conversation with my senior coworkers where I asked them about life choices, career advice, world insights, etc.”
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