Citizens State Bank

Bank Teller Intern

May 2018 • Hugoton, KS

What I liked

I really liked helping customers with anything they needed while also getting to know them. It has been a really cool experience to also learn how banks run and all of the different things that goes on. I never really knew what a bank is used for and working there has taught a lot. I also like how it has taught me how to work with others.

What I wish was different

Something that I wish was different is that I wish I would have known a lot more about banking before starting this job. It would've helped me out a lot to have some background or some sort of understanding.


A piece of advice I would give would be to be open minded to every experience. I didn't know if I would even like working at a bank and I ended up loving it. So, just being open to new opportunities because you may never know what you will be interested in.
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