City Market


July 2019 • Burlington, VT

What I liked

I'm a Community and International Development major with an interest in food systems. I like working at City Market ORC because I agree with their mission and the people who work there are fantastic. Being involved in the local food system and serving the local community is extremely fulfilling. My position allows me to talk to community members I would have never had the chance to if I wasn't working at City market.

What I wish was different

I wish their communication with employees was a little better. if I got more frequent emails from them I think I'd be more involved and informed about the goings-on. I also wish the positions were structured differently. They are structured in increments of different hours, so there's less than 20, 20-35, and full time. You can't move freely between the three because you have to stay in your hourly range. I wish it could be more flexible, but I understand why they need to do it that way at the same time.


Communicate with your supervisor regularly! This makes a good summer job, and it's pretty easy to keep throughout the school year.
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