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How much does compensation increase with each successive year completed at college for an investigator Intern working for the City of Atlanta?

Hi, I am interested in a position. Please let me know if I am qualified based on my degree. I only saw accounting listed as available. Thank you in advance.
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How intense was the training program that the City of Atlanta has for incoming police officers?

The City of Atlanta Police Department offers one of the best training experience in the state of Georgia. It is physically and mentally demanding. It boast over 800 hours of academy training, double the State's minimum 400 hours, and another twelve weeks of field training with a veteran officer. ...
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If I wanted to be an Investigator Intern with the City of Atlanta, what should I know regarding their interview process?

I would say that it is important to highlight that you are able to work well in a team, take constructive criticism in stride, and that you are flexible, open minded, and able to go with the flow because at times it can be slow paced and other times it can be rapid.
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