City of Cottonwood

About City of Cottonwood

Purpose Statement

The City of Cottonwood provides, protects, nurtures and cares for its community of residents, businesses, visitors and supporters. We create and sustain the best quality of life for the
people that are the fabric of our entire community. Within that, we are the Heart of the Arizona Wine Community, and utilize that presence to foster the improvement of our entire cityand all of its residents.

Mission Statement

The City of Cottonwood is a premier destination, both to visit and to live. Our community is rooted in a rich history, committed to time-honored values and dedicated to an evolving, promising and sustainable future. We embrace tradition and diversity equally, to maintain and preserve our truly unique environment and character. We celebrate our role as the heart of the Verde Valley economically, culturally and geographically, and are passionate about fostering a diverse, innovative and culturally vibrant population. We are the primary destination in the Arizona Wine Community and the central hub for the industry as a whole within the state.

Vision Statement

The City of Cottonwood is committed to a vibrant future by providing its residents, businesses and visitors with the most favorable life experience, from our core values, to our comprehensive community infrastructure, to our precious and beautiful natural resources, to our visionary but sustainable growth. We will continue to provide the best possible resources that a healthy community needs to survive and thrive, and will vigilantly protect and honor our traditions and history while embracing the innovation and diversity needed for our most rewarding future. We will continue to celebrate and nurture our role as the premier wine community of the Arizona wine industry, promoting its greatest growth and health by shaping our city as its leading champion so that it can serve as the state's central hub and clear focal point for this valuable product, resource and culture.


summer program

March 2016 Cottonwood, AZ
“I love working with children! This program is always lots of fun and the kids are so amazing and smart.”
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