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About City of Detroit

Detroit is a dynamic and diverse city with a fascinating history. Nicknamed the Motor City, Detroit boasts of a rich automotive history and is the birthplace of the legendary Motown sound and techno music. As the largest city in Michigan, Detroit has witnessed unprecedented economic development and reinvestment which has led to a prolonged surge in people moving back into the city further contributing to its comeback.

With over 600,000 residents, this Midwest city sits on an international border with Windsor, Canada and attracts hundreds of thousands to its spectacular riverfront, parks, world-class cultural institutions and attractions, fine restaurants, and wide variety of entertainment options. Equally attractive are Detroit’s vibrant neighborhoods with a growing number of choices in affordable housing and strong community participation. Detroit is home to a rich mix of people from various ethnic backgrounds, including citizens of Italian, English, German, Polish, Irish, Mexican, Middle Eastern, African, and Greek descent.

Detroit played a key role in the industrialization of America throughout the 20th century and is transforming itself as technologies develop into the 21st century. Time Magazine named Detroit one of its “2022 World’s Greatest Places” noting, “The revitalized city has plans for lots of new offerings, especially for food and drink.”

While Detroit is known as a hard-working city with grit and grace, its residents also like to play and are ardent supporters of the four professional sports teams that all play in downtown Detroit. The Motor City is a great place to live, work and play.


Social Media Intern

June 2021 Detroit, MI
“I really enjoyed the environment of the Talent Acquisition team and the flexibility with work. I did not feel micromanaged and I felt like I had the freedom to be creative with my work.”

DPW Intern

June 2021 Detroit, MI
“The City of Detroit has a wealth of great opportunities for students in all fields. It is a very exciting time to be working for the city and they are very welcoming to new ideas and processes. I feel like I have gained invaluable experience and have been encouraged to take the lead on projects that interest me. ”
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