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If you’re a person with big ideas and big ambitions, Greenville is good company. The smart thinking, hard work and optimism that once made Greenville a leading marketer of tobacco are still prevalent, though now guiding the area’s technology focus with its many bioscience and robotics breakthroughs. No surprise, these victories are trumpeted with as much enthusiasm as the local sports team’s trophy season.

Located just inland off the North Carolina coast, East of I-95, over 20 parks grace the landscape of Greenville and Pitt County. So if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find enough adventure and scenic beauty here to fill up the canvas of your days, and plenty of like-minded people who share your respect for the grandeur of nature, the intoxicating fragrance of our Magnolia trees, picnicking under the shade of oaks, fishing at sundown, or hiking down a path that leads you not to the trail’s end, but to the conclusion that this is where you belong.

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