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About City of Lebanon, PA

Located in Southeast-Central Pennsylvania, the City of Lebanon is the chief city of the Greater Lebanon Community and the seat for Lebanon County. The City of Lebanon is both a regional center of employment and bedroom community.

Lebanon was originally named Steitztown when it was founded in 1740 by George Steitz. After becoming a city on November 25, 1885, it adopted the commission form of government consisting of four councilmen and a mayor. Since 1994, the City of Lebanon has operated as a Home Rule Municipality under the Mayor/Council form of government. The five-member Council is elected at large and all legislative powers are vested in Council. The Mayor serves as the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the City of Lebanon and is responsible for the Executive Branch of the government.

The buildings of Downtown Lebanon are historic and attractive. While many of the buildings date back to the 1800’s and some in the 1700’s, the work accomplished there includes local businesses serving local needs, as well as serving national and international clients in areas of advertising and website development.

The City of Lebanon is the economic center for its region, serving its residents with numerous public, private and non-profit entities that have a positive impact on the quality of life.


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May 2018 Lebanon, PA
“I liked having a smaller work environment. It was a lot of independent work, but I still got to interact with other departments in the office.”
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