City of Stockton

About City of Stockton

Stockton is a renewed City! Having recently emerged from bankruptcy, Stockton is a city that is perhaps better prepared for the future than any other city in California, with a thorough understanding of its operations and finances, and the tools to adjust to economic conditions for decades into the future. With its financial house in order, Stockton has been through the most significant period of change ever experienced in its 165-year history. The Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and executive team are committed to a strong and vibrant community.


Data Analytics Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Stockton, CA
“I really enjoyed the small office feel as the department I was working with had just opened a few months prior. I was almost given a startup type feeling, but centralized around public sector issues. One thing that I really enjoyed the most was the guidance on using and understanding analytical skills that I had not known prior to walking in on my first day. As well, the direct communication with the City Manager and other leadings figures in the city helped me feel like my decisions mattered.”
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