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The City of Westlake, Ohio is delighted to have you visit us and hope you enjoy seeing what makes our city such a special place.

These are exciting times for Westlake. We have citizens who are involved, vibrant businesses, scenic parks and recreation areas, exceptional city services and safety forces, outstanding restaurants and shopping and a highly rated school system.


Engineering Department Intern

May 2022 - August 2022 Westlake, OH
“I very much enjoyed my time as a summer intern with the City of Westlake's Engineering Department. It was incredibly beneficial to my civil engineering journey to be in the field everyday as an inspector on multiple construction projects. I enjoyed working both independently and with my welcoming co-workers to expand my field knowledge and professional communication skills. I especially appreciated my main focus of the summer as an inspector for the city's waterline replacement project. While given this responsibility, I was able to observe and learn first hand how a new water main is installed and all of the other pieces and parts to the project. Overall, my time with the City of Westlake's Engineering Department has helped prepare me for my future career by challenging my engineering mindset and providing me with a variety of beneficial field experience. ”
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