City Park Conservancy

About City Park Conservancy

City Park is distinguished by 1300 acres of cultural, sports, and recreational activities, attractions for children, and its natural beauty. A popular place to picnic, hold a wedding, play a favorite sport, wander through its gardens or take a boat ride, the park hosts 11 million visitors each year. It is located in the heart of the city and is the largest recreation area for the entire metropolitan area. City Park is a unique state agency of the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism operated by the non-profit City Park Improvement Association (CPIA). The first parcel of land was acquired in 1854, making it one of the country's oldest parks. A series of expansions over time have expanded the Park to its present size. CPIA was established in 1891 to provide for the improvement of City Park. The Louisiana Legislature placed City Park under the control of CPIA in 1896 and invested it with the authority to operate and develop the park. City Park traditionally received little or no public operating support. We must raise the remainder of our operating funds through self- generated revenue.


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April 2019 - November 2019 New Orleans, LA
“I liked how I got good hours even though I was only part time. ”
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