CKR Engineers

About CKR Engineers

CKR Engineers provides the expertise necessary to construct, maintain, remodel, and repair all types of buildings and other structures.

We have experience in construction projects ranging from single- and multi-family dwellings to churches and multi-story office buildings, and from steel building foundations to industrial facilities and infrastructure projects. As a consulting-engineering firm with projects located across the United States, our clients include homeowners, architects, facility managers, insurance companies, and restoration companies.

Our decades of experience are invaluable in helping guide our clients as they make the best choices regarding their construction project, thus ensuring the successful completion of their project.


Office Manager

June 2018 Orem, UT
“The atmosphere at work is great, I learned important bookkeeping skills that improved my resume, and I can get the hours that I want/need while still succeeding as a full-time student.”
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