Clariant Corporation

About Clariant Corporation

Clariant is a speciality chemicals company, formed in 1995. The company is focused on four business areas: care chemicals; catalysis; natural resources; and plastics & coatings


Chemical Engineer Intern

May 2022 - December 2022 Louisville, KY
“At Clariant, I enjoyed the openness of everyone around me and the casual atmosphere provided by the company. I was able to connect with my co-workers and supervisors on a more personal level to where they understood my situation better in terms of my education. Additionally, Clariant provided me a position to where I could work with multiple departments of the industry every day. I was hired under the production side of the plant; however, I was able to work with R+D, Pilot, and the operators which showed me other avenues my career can take. Especially with the operators, I was able to see both sides of engineering: the planning with all the blueprints and meetings, and the application where the parts were installed and used in the daily processes. This fit perfectly with the classes I have taken at the time at college to where I could see how the material I learned in class applies to real-life industries. After another semester at Clariant, I can say that everything I said before is still true. Clariant and its employees offer a friendly work environment where I can build connections and relationships with my co-workers. Moreover, I can know work better with my co-workers as we understand each other better which allows us to be more efficient and proactive for the company. Clariant has also offered me direction as they allowed me to work with the different departments of the company. I was able to work in the Quality Control lab, assist with R+D identification, and learn about safety regulations with ESHA. This opportunity has allowed me to further define my goals for the future and pick a career once I graduate. The work I had done was also helpful as I was able to use my knowledge from the classroom in new ways I could not before. The reason this is important is because what you learn in the classroom is different from what you learn in the field, but they should be able to help each other to find the best solution. ”

Engineering Co-op

May 2022 - December 2022 Louisville, KY
“First Semester. The aspect I liked most about my time here at Clariant are the workers and environment the company creates; specifically, how every worker from production, quality, engineering, etc. are always helpful and ready to answer any questions I might have. This community at Clariant allows me to understand a system and/or problem from multiple perspectives and gain new insight on an issue. In terms of my labor tasks, I enjoyed how I am provided different types of tasks so that I better understand the tasks of the engineers; for example, I receive long-term projects to which I am supposed to complete in a few weeks, weekly tasks I am supposed to finish by the end of the week, and daily tasks I am to finish by the end of the day. This work environment allows me to receive a broad perspective on my future responsibilities as an engineer in the chemical field. The community at Clariant allows me to gain further insight on my daily, weekly, and monthly projects from all aspects of production, quality, engineering, etc. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Second Semester. This semester I was allowed to expand my experience to new areas of the factory I had not yet been involved with; for example, this semester I worked on a new system in building 50 where I updated a few P&ID's, orchestrated a material balance project, completed a Lump Sum Project, and aided the process engineers in daily tracking measurements. Moreover, I was given the responsibility of interacting with other Clariant sites in America and other countries to aid in sample shipping or process modeling. While this semester was just an extension for many of my projects in the first co-op semester, I was also exposed to a plethora of new opportunities and branches within this field that has expanded my understanding of the field. All in all, I enjoyed how I was able to further my learning opportunity through this semester by being exposed to new branches, procedures, and systems that enlightened me to more aspects of the industrial field for chemical engineers.”
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