Clinical Associates, P.A.

About Clinical Associates, P.A.

Clinical Associates P.A. was founded in 1972 in Baltimore by four physicians who wanted to create a modern medical practice that truly focused on the health of patients.

Our first office at 1134 York Road was staffed by just six employees. Today, our patient-centered services span seven locations in Baltimore County and Baltimore City.

We serve more than 90,000 patients each year, and our physicians can refer our patients to whatever health care facility is best for their care.

At Clinical Associates, we make being healthy easier. We offer a seamless system of integrated medical care, which includes in-house specialists in 13 areas of practice, from cardiology to urology. We also offer unique services like our ambulatory surgery center and nuclear stress testing facility.

Our more than 60 physicians, specialists and credentialed health care providers are assisted by 200 trained support staff. We do our best to take care of everything for our patients – records, scheduling appointments, coordinating with providers and specialists, and each of our offices has laboratory centers for tests and blood work on site.



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