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About Close Concerns

Close Concerns is a healthcare information firm focused on diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity, dedicated to improving patient outcomes by educating physicians, scientists, researchers, business leaders, educators, manufacturers, policymakers, and patients about the most important news and research in the field. With thousands of subscribers at academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, drug and medical device companies, and government bodies, Close Concerns and our publication Closer Look are widely respected in the healthcare community. We study new research and interview clinicians and thought leaders, working with our advisory board of world-class endocrinologists, cardiologists, primary care physicians, nurses, and community health workers to help make everyone smarter about diabetes and obesity. Our organization is located in the vibrant Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco.


Summer Associate

June 2017 - September 2017 San Francisco, CA
“Incredible mentorship, challenging and rewarding work, and intellectual people all around me ”

Dartmouth Fellow / Junior Associate

July 2021 - November 2021 San Francisco, CA
“I loved being in an environment that pushes me to embrace high levels of responsibility. At Close Concerns, I was challenged with new tasks every day, and the learning never stopped. I came in not knowing much about diabetes, and now I walk away with so many valuable lessons. I also enjoyed getting personalized time with my boss and the associates. The mentorship component of an internship I think is very important as well, and being able to learn from those older, wiser, and more experienced than me has been wonderful. ”
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